Would like to learn something that can help you preserve your youth, avoid sickness and slow the aging process? Then T’ai Chi will interest you.

A way to health and longevity is T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Western medical authorities agree that a person can live to the age of 200. Why, if lucky, do we only live half that? Stress, competition, and excessive behavior subtract years from our lifespan. Even little things like coffee, alcohol, sex, smoking, and work tax our bodies, add to this pollution and everyday problems and you have a society that is afflicted with obesity, heart disease, allergies, ulcers, drug abuse and psychological problems. In the words of Ch’uang Tzu, “The universe has never separated itself from man, man separates himself from the universe”. Look at your life. Are you overstressed, out of shape, often ill, lack energy, and poorly motivated? If you are, then it’s time for a change.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. It is performed very slowly, concentrating on balance, technique, and breathing. It is a form of moving meditation and the ultimate goal of T’ai Chi is the harmony of mind and body. When the body is in perfect harmony there is no strain on it. Sifu Andrew Smith writes, “When the notes of a musical score complement each other the sound is wonderful when they oppose each other the result is noise.” Our bodies are the same.

As a physical exercise, T’ai Chi increases circulation and activity of the glands, strengthens muscles, facilitates joint movement and stimulates the nervous system without increasing the heart rate or breathing. It affects the entire body in the best way, involving every organ even the skin. T’ai Chi has been proven to remedy high blood pressure, anemia, bursitis, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems to name a few. Like a muddy pond, our bodies need to be purified. You can’t take the dirt out, need to let it settle. This takes time and a peaceful environment. T’ai Chi is normally performed in a serene location where “mud” is allowed to settle. The movements themselves elicit balance, control of temper, patience, and discipline. This peace of mind allows you not to be affected by the external pressures of everyday life. These techniques of change and nuance develop awareness and mental alertness causing a person to become more sensitive and capable of greater understanding. This helps you to meet the challenges of a constantly changing environment.

Imagine yourself waking up every morning full of energy. Ready to face the day with confidence and a piece of mind that eliminates stress. Can you see how this would help you to live a longer and happier life? Imagine being sick less often and having less or no doctor visits by keeping yourself “tuned up”. Would you rather tune yourself up or pay the price of a mechanic?