Don’t Go Toward the Light

Sorry, I was distracted by a shiny thing

This may seem counter intuitive, but this website could be doing more damage than good for your tai chi training. The most important thing about tai chi is practice. It is much easier to sit at your computer and listen to books, watch videos, and read articles about other people who have trained very diligently in the art. However, you will need to go outside and practice in order to achieve any level of expertise in tai chi. I have taught tai chi for several decades and I can divide just about all students into two categories, those who practice and those who don’t. When those who didn’t practice the lesson from the week before showed up for class there would be excuses that sometimes can be very inventive. But they still didn’t know the material. There was always some “shiny thing” that kept them from practicing. Try to stay away from the shiny things. I fell into that trap. Then I made a deal with myself. I could only research things on the computer after I spent 30 minutes outside practicing. I was always glad after practice because I felt I had earned my “playtime”.