How much do you weigh?

Well, not exactly how much do you weigh. But, are you balanced? I use this technique in virtually all of my classes. Try this at a practice session or class. To start, you will need two scales calibrated identically. You will withings-wifi-scale-in-depth-review-69-thumbalso need one other person to measure the results. Then place both scales on the ground about shoulder-width apart, then stand on them, one foot on each scale, now staring straight ahead tried to place 50% of your weight each foot. Don’t look at the scales. When you think you are balanced let your friend know and they should measure the difference between both scales. So, if one scale measures 65lbs. and the other indicates 80lbs. they would write down 15lbs. Then, continue with your Tai Chi session like normal. At the end of the session perform the same procedure. I have found that 93% of the time (yes, I actually measure the results) the difference in practitioners’ weight has decreased more than 50%.

If you use the numbers from the example above The practitioner was putting 15lbs more on one foot each step they took prior to class. Not to mention all the alignment issues of the joints. After the Tai Chi session, the difference is less than 7lbs. This is tangible evidence that Tai Chi has immediate benefit for those who practice

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    1. Great! It really is amazing how we can walk around all day so unbalanced. Our bodies seem to find a way to offset it though. Isn’t it a great idea to play tai chi daily to give our bodies a break from all that work?

  1. Most interesting, I have accomplished this technique with Sifu Tony and surprisingly discovered my result was a one pound difference after completing our training. Some of this may have been the result of “playing” TaiChi outside at the WNC Arboritum!

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