Silk Reeling Workshop

2016-12-15 12:30 PM - 2016-12-15 1:30 PM
3 Town Square Blvd, Asheville, NC 28803, USA 3 Town Square Blvd, Asheville, NC 28803, USA

Silk Reeling
A workshop for tai chi players
Where? – Reuter Family Y ~ Studio A
When? – Tuesdays & Thursdays Nov. 1 thru Dec. 15 ~ 12:30-1:30pm
Cost? – $50 members ~ $75 non-members
Limited to 12 participants

What is Silk Reeling?
Silk reeling is an essential part of all systems of tai chi training. In addition to major health benefits, silk reeling practice strengthens and trains whole body coordination and grounded body alignment. It is silk reeling that helps you to develop the beautiful, graceful movements of nature upon which tai chi is based.
Silk Reeling is a set of repetitive spiral movement exercises with emphasis
on ground connection, waist connection, knee alignment, kua sinking, opening and closing of joints and dantien rotation. These continuous spiral movements develop spiral energy within the body and are the basic
components and foundation of Taijiquan. They train the body to move as one unit directed by the dantien.
Silk reeling exercises loosen the joints and enable freedom of movement.
The circular movements of silk reeling strengthen the connective tissue and increase the secretion of synovial fluid which lubricates the joints, keeping them supple and improving circulation.
From a martial perspective, silk reeling exercises develop spiraling energy
within the body. Chen Tai Chi Master, Chen Xin, states that silk reeling
energy can:
• operate as a revolving energy, rebounding any incoming force. The faster
an opponent’s energy comes, the faster it is bounced away. This requires
the body to be full, relaxed and sensitive.

Silk Reeling
A workshop for tai chi players
• be piercing, like a spiraling bullet. This is a powerful and penetrating energy when applied during an attacking maneuver, whether it is delivered with the fist, elbow, or foot.
• act as a neutralizing energy, teaching the practitioner how to lead any
incoming force to emptiness.

Spirit of Snake and Crane
Developed by Sifu Dan Jones, Spirit of Snake and Crane is beautiful, gentle
and powerful sequence full of spiraling energy depicting the encounter of
Crane and Snake. Learning this form will undoubtably inform and change how you practice other standard tai chi forms.

M. King Goslin, Instructor

King has taught tai chi in western North Carolina since 2010. Her teachers
include Bob Feeser, Caroline Demoise, Master Wu Wen Ching, Dr. Russell
Smiley, Dr. Paul Lam and most recently Sifu Dan Jones.
Currently teaching ongoing classes at the North Carolina Arboretum, King
delights in learning, sharing her discoveries and teaching others about what is possible.