Tai Chi Taxi

Don’t ride in the taxi to nowhere.  Why are you hurrying to get there?  The rides probably not worth the price before you hop in think twice.  The driver thinks he knows where he’s going, but he doesn’t even have a clue.  He’s taken a seminar on two weekends, and now he’s “certified” as a Sifu.
Don’t get on the path to nowhere, because your time and money will fly.  In the end, your studies may be worthless, and you will only be able to sigh.  If you think “Oh, it’s all good,” you will be in for a shock, even with the best intentions, this Sifu can’t take you around the block.

Before you get into the taxi, open your eyes, look and see–you need to make sure your driver can get you where you want to be. It’s not about how fast you go, or even the scenery, it’s all about the skill and the heart of the one who drives the taxi.

With the right teacher, you have a chance of getting somewhere wonderful.
With the wrong teacher, well…. good luck, you’re gonna need it.